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Gorreana Tea Factory
Located in: Gorreana

Gorreana tea factory is Europe's oldest tea producing company and its teas are recognized internationally as a "rare collection of fine teas". The Factory is family owned and has been operating since 1883, when Ermelinda Gago Da Camara opened the factory selling the first production of teas.

Gorreana's tea has many unique flavors and aromas which is one of the reasons why they have remained a staple in European pantries for over a century. Grown in the lush emerald green hills of an eco-friendly plantation; without the use of herbicides, pesticides or fungicides you can be assured that only the finest tea leaves makes its way to your cup each and every time!

Visited by tens of thousands of visitors annually, Gorreana's boutique factory, gift shop/tea room and extensive walking trail located in the county of Ribeira Grande is the perfect place to enjoy a cup of fresh picked tea while admiring the original 'Marshalls' machinery that dates back to the 1840's.


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Opening hours: 9:00am - 8:00pm

Free Admission                                                                          Contact:  (+351) 296 442 997

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