Rural House
Located in: Lombinha da Maia

In this museum, spaces and objects were restored to let visitors known about the history of the rural population from Ribeira Grande municipality. 


While visiting this tradition Azorean house, visitors will learn about the classic making of bread in a wood oven.

Here begins a journey to the past. The hard-packed dirt floor radiates a distinctive smell of clay, very typical of these houses. On the right side, there is a bedroom with simple furniture: a corn leaf mattress, some oil lamps, a picture of the Holy Lord of Miracles... a sewing machine. At the window some flowers beautifying the space. Continuing the tour, on the left side there is the kitchen, made by a table, a cabinet and a wood oven. The kitchen is equipped with a iron pot, a clay saucepan, some "boiões" (used to store sausages and salted meat after the pig slaughter), appliances for cooking bread... and a small wine cellar. Also gunny sacks with corn in grain or flour and dried vegetables.


In the backyard, there is a wooden wc, the hen house, the pig barn and the dounkey shed. 

Houses had no electricity. By night, inhabitants moved with the help of candles and oil lamps.


For visits, it is recommended to make a reservation at Maia Tobacco Museum.


Free admission                                                                                                    Contact:  (+351) 296 442 905

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