Local Lodging

Located in: Maia

The place of Maia, naturally enriched by freshwater flows and by the proximity of the coast, early attracted powerful and wealthy people.


Part of this elite built the Quinta de S. Sebastião (currently known as Solar de Lalém). This building was constructed starting from the Chapel of St. Sebastian, built in the XVI century, in order to ask the Saint support for the diseases that ravaged the island in the early years. In 1660, reconstruction works took place, ending up in 1687.


The name of this manor-house was due being away from the parish center. Solar de Lalém was an elite residence, composed by architectural elements from three centuries: the manor-house dates back to 1850, the portal, dates from 1742 and the chapel of St. Sebastian dates to 1687.


Currently, Solar de Lalém is a homestay accommodation.


Contact:  (+351) 296 442 004                                       Address: Estrada de S. Pedro, Maia 


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"Maré Alta" Guest House
Located in: Maia

Fully equipped house with 2 bedrooms, a kitchen and a living room, 2 bathrooms, a porch, an outdoor patio and a public parking area.

View over the beach and the north shore.


Contact:  (+351) 915 200 953           Address: Rua Manuel Jacinto da Ponte, N. 58, Maia

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"Piscinas Naturais" Guest House
Located in: Maia

Contact:  (+351) 914 797 023           Address: Rua Foral Visconde, N. 35 - Maia

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"Sentir a Maia" Guest House
Located in: Maia

Story house with 44m2, a 22m2 terrace and 2 bedrooms. One of the rooms has one double bed and the other one has two single beds, making together one double bed.

One of the room has a view under the sea and the other one over the street. The house also includes a bathroom, an open kitchenette to a large dining area, and a window with a view under the sea and the mountains. The terrace is equipped with a barbecue, table and chairs.

The house has an insulation system on the roof, making environment very pleasant and comfortable all year long.


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Address: Rua Manuel Jacinto da Ponte N. 58, Maia


E-mail: afonsoquental@hotmail.com                                      Contact: (+351) 962 403 791



Maia Guest House
Located in: Maia

This lodging offers:

- Free WiFi.
- 4 rooms are fitted with a flat-screen TV.
- A shared kitchen at the property.
- A bike hire service.

- An extremely good location, being near of the supermarkets and snack-bars.


Contact:  (+351) 910 307 642 / (+351) 917 889 610     Address: Rua do Rosário Nº 5, Maia



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"Mar de Prata" Guest House
Located in: Maia

Contact: 912 713 437                            Address: Rua Manuel Jacinto da Ponte, Nº 69 - Maia

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Located in: Maia

Contact: +351 964 336 580           Address: Rua do Rosário nº 11 - Maia

Cozy space, located in the center of the island and in the middle of nature. Apartment with private bathroom, large bed, kitchen, modern decor, recent construction. A space for those who like to be close to nature and simple things.

Possibility of: 

Full House - 2 Beds

or Full House - 1 Bed

The space

Elegant new space, with modern decoration, with large and beautiful patio/garden. An excellent space for families and for those looking for calm and communion with nature.

Guest access 

Access to the apartment and a garden, where you can enjoy a pleasant space.

Interaction with guests

We are fluent in English, educated and simple. From the travel experience that we have, we know what it is that the visitors are looking for: a space like ours.




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Contact: +351  912 385 909            Address: Travessa da Rua da Ponte, nº15 


Cantinho do Sonho
Located in: Maia

Posto de Turismo da Maia

Maia's Tourism Office 

Rua do Rosário, n.º9 

9625 - 339 Maia (S. Miguel)

(+351) 296 442 315